Educating our Children with Parental Involvement and Community Support.

Principal: Shahin Agah
Kindergarten/Grade 2:  Elizabeth Calder
Gr. 3-4: Carissa Richard
Gr. 5-6: Riley Askin
Gr. 7-9: Fen Yang
EA for K-2: Susie Charlie
EA for 5-6: Cynthia Hasenorhl
EA for 7-9/ Bus Driver: Cathy West
Language and Culture: Paige French
Community Support Teacher: Sabrinna Williams
Custodian: Lucy West
Cook: Carlyn Alexander
Receptionist: Carrie West

We have approximately 40 students in grades K-9.

Students at Nus Wadeezuhl engage with each other, their parents, and the community in a variety of ways:

  • Literacy and Numeracy Training Focus
  • 4 Core Subjects (Math, Science, Social, Language) and Culture
  • Student based teaching
  • Cultural activities